The Path

Poets and philosophers have used the image of the path as a metaphor for life and the choices we make. Jesus used the path as a stony place where even good seed will not grow (Matthew 13) I view my life and the choices made as a journey that weaves on and off the path.

People say – God has a purpose in everything and for everything, so the choices I and others make, whether good or smart or not the best choices will have purpose. I believe this and knowing that God grants us free will, also know that God does not direct our choices for His outcome but knows our choices before we make them; I mean, He knows our inward parts as we are formed in our mother’s womb and knows the number of hairs on our head. (Psalm 139) We are completely known, each decision, each turn on and off the path. So when we turn, He is there and creating new ways to be in relationship with Him and others.

Many times in my life I have felt that nudge toward a turn off the path that have led me here. No flashing signs that say
“Exit Here” but finely tuned changes placed in front of me that seem to say “This is where God wants you to go” then I have a choice. I could stay on my clean and planned path where all is neat and landscaped just as I like it or I can venture into the fields through tall grass in unknown places. Looking behind me I see the path I walked on that gave me rest for a time and the new path that was created by my walking through the field.

So here I am, new (very old) home, leaky barn and single wide trailer to begin a journey I had not planned in my view of how life would be in retirement. Time to worship and serve with a less distracted mind and heart. And though believing I can see this new path, it is uncharted and the realization that there may be changes in routes keeps me humble.

How wonderful that God has blessed me with a human partner who shares my life and travels with me on the journey. I am glad I ventured off the path where nothing would grow, out in the field in good soil prepared for our journey to plant new seeds of healing, hope and love.


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