Dreaming is Listening

A hummingbird flits around me it’s wings creating music so beautiful, and words… ” begin something new” form from somewhere deep within me and all around me. Before it parts, the bird stops and offers a kiss…then flies away.

I have always been a dreamer in the literal sense, ever so vivid in colors and active it seemed like another life lived while I slept. It was often just pieces that would come to my awakened mind and dismissed as imagination. Now I know that my dreams are so much more. That when I rest and remember before feet touch the floor, I can hear my spirit speak to me and on wonderful occasion, God speaks as well to my soul which is so much more attentive when my mind and body are at rest. It is no mystery to me that God spoke, and still speaks to us through dreams.

I hear the message to begin something new and will keep listening. For then the path will clear and the journey grow full and rich with love and blessings. These blessings then glow to light life’s way and purpose.

I am thankful to Tilda Norberg who developed Gestalt Pastoral Care and as a part of the training discusses how to look at our dreams as guidance to lead us toward wholeness. visit the website at http://www.gestaltpastoralcare.org/ . Try a retreat and move toward healing and wholeness.


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