Buried Treasure

My husband and I are remodeling our house.  It is a very old building full of character and the energy of those who have called this place home.   As we tear open walls to create our own spaces here we often joke about finding treasure…..or bones.  Many past residents have added their own changes but there are still many uncovered and undiscovered places that are original to this 1867 Victorian.   There are beams in the walls that still have bark on them from the hand hewn logs that were crafted by the builder.

The original layout of the house is a bit mysterious in places.  Large dark Chestnut floor moldings curve gracefully to a dead stop where a wall has been added to create a bathroom.  Our latest project is a living room space in what was originally the cook kitchen and adjoining wood shed. An earlier resident had already transformed the space into a den and a bedroom.  In the corner of the room is a wall that backs up to the aforementioned bathroom.  We thought it a great idea to add a door between them.

Demolition is always messy and with occasional surprises.  We pulled down the paneling added by the previous owner then underlying sheet rock added by perhaps another and there it was.  A door.  Buried within the walls right where we wanted to put one.

Ironically the presence of the door opened up for me realizations of my life as a seeker.  In meditation I seek to find that way in to contemplative presence with God. When sharing this door story with my yoga class a student  Ann pointed out that the door is the treasure!  It is indeed!

How much are we like this home!  We are old enough for senior discounts, friends and family members have come in and out of our lives.  We are full of character and energy built by those relationships.  Throughout our lives growing and changing  yet still the same cells and structure formed by our creator.  There are still things to discover about ourselves and our relationship with God.   And here we are,  knocking.