Monday Meditation – Presence

I watched a bird this morning.  Standing at the window my coffee cooling with the passing time, I watched.  It is often like this for me after a busy week.   When days run circles around me my mind begins the dance of things to do.  My usual peaceful morning walk through the garden brought to mind all that is to be done in this place.  There is weeding, planting and supporting what has been planted that I should get to.  I dream of what the finished landscape I am creating will look like adding more plans to the purpose.  Then I come back to myself just as I begin the tasks- of -the -day list looming long.

So I stood at the window to watch and breathe.  I feel my bare feet on the carpet, happy for the ability to stand and feel and the freedom to choose this moment of peace and grounding.  That’s when I saw him.  A busy Cowbird walking all over the lawn in circles with something already caught in his beak.  It made me wonder what he was looking for and what would he do with it when he found it?  Would he drop what he had possession of for something better?  Every few steps he would cock his head to bring one eye closer to the ground for a moment and then march on.  He covered an area of damp morning grass with a keen eye and intent steps.  So like me this morning.

I hold in my heart and my hands the promise of a day and set my mind to focus on each moment as it comes.  The cowbird will continue to search for something better because that is his nature.   I can move beyond my nature to release my grip on the day and open to the lessons that are right outside of my window.

May you have a blessed day and week of Presence.



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