Painting in the Morning

I have seen beautiful paintings and photos of sunrise, full of bright colors and textures that the artists with such divine gifts move from the sky to the canvas. But there is nothing as beautiful as the real thing.
There has yet to be a human artist who could paint the moment by moment changes of clouds and color. No one to paint the breeze as it brushes against skin, speaking softly good morning. Never heard in the human copies are the gradual increases in birdsong as the night creatures become silent.

Though made in God’s image, the awe exists in that we could never attain the creative completeness of God’s nature, try as we might. Even our love pales in comparison to the grace poured put on us. Good Morning is a new invitation to try.

God saw everything he had made and called it good, there was evening and morning, a new day. Genesis 1 paraphrase.