Monday Meditation- Signs and Signals

Living in the present moment with awareness of others, surroundings and self creates direction for this journey of life.  Not always with certainty but there are practices that provide help to be present and centered.  Prayer, meditation, Gestalt work and Yoga have been guides to quiet my mind and heart to focus on the here and now and decide which steps to take on the path.  But sometimes I need more.  I need a physical symbol,  a wake up call to know I have wandered off the path.

The most obvious are signals of neglect.  When life becomes too busy and I stray off my course my plants begin to wither.  I have a schedule of watering my houseplants, they are important to me and the health and aesthetics  of my home but it seems they are the first to suffer from my negligence.

Others are less obvious and only creep into my awareness when missing.  When I am attuned to my spiritual life with God, when I am focused on prayer and meditation, attending worship and studying scripture I generally wake up with a song of praise in my mind and on my tongue.  On these days other signs and signals are glaringly obvious.  Awakening to God’s presence of love opens my heart, mind and eyes to so much more of life.

Years ago I came to the conclusion that if I believe in a creator God who made the heavens and the earth, and if I believe that God is a love so great that my guilt and shame were erased through that love in Jesus, then I needed to spend more time getting to know Him.  On a Monday, because that is when you start new things, I read from the Bible and meditated on the reading.  I thanked God for this leading and guiding and then went for a walk.  I discovered that my conversation with God, listening to the creation sounds of birds and leaves applauding in the wind, continued with the taking in of so much beauty. Love seemed to wrap around me, joy filled my heart and peace settled into my whole being.  It had not rained in several days,  there was not a cloud in the sky and a soft breeze blew.  I turned the corner and right above me was the largest rainbow I had ever seen, it seemed I could touch it if I wanted to. I felt light and I heard a whisper “thank you” .  It wasn’t my word, the Divine Love touched me in that moment as I decided to love back.  To love the creator is to love the creation, the earth, all people, myself.

Much has happened since that time and I continue to learn and grow, I forget and stumble, my plants can suffer and I can wake up without that song in my heart, but I know God loves, not only me but all of creation.  God speaks to us, in dreams, in nature, in music, and all we need do is open our hearts, our eyes and our ears.

I wish you awareness to see signs of love.




Nothing Found

Words.  Powerful and able to change a situation upon their speaking, hearing or reading. This is a new venture for me.  A blog to express how life lived in the light of The Word is so rich and full.  After 50 some years of life experience there is no denying the existance of God and his actions in our lives.  But most often we turn to our own or the worlds willful way and are left empty.  On editing my first page of this blog I am offered a page title of “Nothing Found” as it is empty.  No post written yet, and a search bar to plug in what someone may be looking for.  Hit enter and hopefully one would be led to a new page with the desired content.  How often do we do that in life.  Seek for the things that we believe will make us or others happy to come up empty or with a temporary joy. 

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” Matthew 6:33 NKJV

When we keep our hearts and minds set on God’s kingdom (more on this later)  joy can be experienced in all circumstances.  God is love and I seek to keep my eyes on that love.  I seek to use words that lift up, create healing and bring peace.  God’s Word, Jesus, came as Master Teacher, the light of love to lead us to experience God’s kingdom.  That’s the view from here.

Peace in Christ.