Monday Meditation – Friday

I saw a bumper sticker years ago that said, “I do yoga for savasana”   It struck me as funny because it is mostly true, for me anyway.  I step onto my mat for my body and about halfway through practice I am ready to lay down and meditate. It seems that Friday, for most is that savasana we can’t wait to get to.  It is the end of a workweek and a the beginning of a weekend filled with promise.  By Wednesday, now termed “hump day” those of us starting work on Monday are already rushing to Friday.  During the weekend there is time to rest and relax, spend time with family, go to parties or have one for friends.  Time to sleep in or time to catch up on the chores we let slip during our busy week.  So we begin many Monday’s just looking forward to Friday.  Sometimes when there are longer term goals in mind even the weekend is difficult to rest in.  My savasana is sometimes restless with anticipation of what is to come.

My work week is no longer Monday through Friday but I still hold some of the old habits of rushing through anything to get to my purposed goal.  I love that God reminds me (knowing I need constant reminding) that life’s journey is not about the middle or the end, it’s about the beginning.  When we set an intention or goal for our work, when it has purpose above collecting a paycheck, the week is full of growth and grace.  This week I am working at camp.  It’s an easy place to discover God’s work.  The beauty of the place aside, it is Holy Ground to me.  Stepping on my mat this morning I enjoyed each movement and what it could teach me.  My tightness about work that needs to be done today settles in my shoulders and jaw, I breathe and let it go.  A wonderful Gestalt phrase is “What is happening now”.   I set a new intention of momentous awareness.

In this week filled with promise I promise to look beyond each whole day to see the present.  I seek to find rest in each day even for a short time so that I need not glare into the future.  To look in instead of looking out or past.  I intend on loving and living in each moment and rely on God’s grace of reminders to live fully and appreciate instead of anticipate.

Thank you to Meg who is teaching at the Library and the studio this week.  Enjoy her practice and teaching.

May you be blessed this Monday and each day of this week.




Yesterday was rest.  I wasn’t comfortable in it however as my mind was still churning trying to form goals for my retirement and other things.  God whispered, rest….  I just needed the rest.  I napped and read, walked and read some more.  But this morning is different.  After an amazing nights sleep I awoke early and ready.  I guess there was a reason God set only one day a week for us to rest.  So, rested I awoke to a routine (which I need) Coffee, scripture, prayer, yoga and mediation.   

 In my time meditating, which I find difficult with my busy mind, I was able to become quiet.  Just sit with the Lord and wait.  I became aware of the passion that my pastor has for vegan-ism and one church member preached on just last Sunday.  It came to mind that we all find a passion and that if filled and directed by God keeps the body (individually and corporately) alive!  We must listen to one another’s passion and remember that it may not be our own but there is much to learn from each other.

 “If we are distressed, it is for your comfort, and salvation; if we are comforted , it is for your comfort, which produces in you patient endurance of the same sufferings we suffer.  And our hope for you is firm, because we know that just as you share in our suffering, so also you share in our comfort.”  2 Corinthians 1:6,7 NIV

So my promise to “listen” more in yesterday’s meditation is followed by “reflect” on others passionate actions and words.  What does God have to say to me through them.  For I believe God uses everything in our experience to build us up, teach us and love us.  If we listen.